So this month (July) we have 5 shows which is really exciting and rather astonishing. We're usually a one-show-per-month kinda band but I'm hoping this multiple shows a month trend continues. We've also debuted two new songs so if you want to hear new music get out to one of the 3 shows left this month.

So far we've played Goleta and Venice. Goleta is always a good time. It's good seeing old friends and always nice seeing new faces. Even though I biffed it super hard that show we got a lot of positive feedback. Weird. Maybe I should play like shit more often... Become ripped and Wet the Rope killed it. The Venice show was at The Good Hurt which was a lot of fun. So many rad bands: To The Nines, ...And We Are Them, and Vox Humana. But in my opinion Ghost Idols stole the show. Super loud and on point. I really look forward to playing with all of those bands again soon.
Later on this month, 7/27, we're returning to one of my favorite venues that we've ever played, Bridgetown DIY in La Puente. This is as 'do it yourself', illegal, non-permit having and fucking punk as it gets. However they do offer membership cards to get discounts on shows! Genius. I love it. It gets sweaty and humid and thick and moshy and yeah. Good times. Just don't eat the budget Italian food next door. You will be disappointed.  

The next two Wednesdays we're playing with our friends The Bath Party at Silverlake Lounge. I've never played there before so it'll be interesting. Hope to see your anonymous faces in the crowd. See you tomorrow.
Thanks for reading.