Two tickets to paradise.

Queens of the Stone Age is probably the most creative, experimental and overall talented band currently making rock music right now. And let the debates and disagreements begin. Say what you will, but QOTSA are dangerous. There isn't anyone that sounds like them. Every record is painstakingly mixed and performed to perfection. Josh Homme's singing and guitar playing ability and creativity just don't exist anywhere else in rock, except maybe with Jack White (but I just like Josh more.) 

Last night was my first time seeing Queens of the Stone Age. Yeah. I know. I'm lame. I couldn't think of a better venue to see these guys. It was LOUD, well mixed and just...perfect. They played for a glorious, face-melting, earth-shaking, falsetto-perfecting hour and a half. They just know exactly how to write a set that flows and they worked their new material in perfectly.

I Appear Missing

The new album is amazing and those songs were almost the highlight of the night. They had the eerie and goosebump-inducing artwork of Boneface projected during the corresponding new tracks. Plus they played pretty much all of my favorite songs. Almost. They didn't play anything off of S/T and not enough from Rated R but I can't complain. Here's the setlist.

The Vampyre of Time and Memory.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled
You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
Sick, Sick, Sick
First It Giveth
No One Knows
My God Is the Sun
I Sat by the Ocean
The Vampyre of Time and Memory
I Never Came
If I Had a Tail
Turnin’ on the Screw
Burn the Witch
Make It Wit Chu
Smooth Sailing
Little Sister
I Think I Lost My Headache
Go With the Flow
I Appear Missing

…Like Clockwork
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
A Song for the Dead

And you can start being All in all it was an amazing experience and I hope everyone gets to see Queens at least once in their lifetime. Definitely buy the album ...Like Clockwork when it comes out June 4th. I splurged and bought the double-LP with 12 page's worth the $40.

Kalopsia...I think.

Thanks for reading.