This is the first blog on our brand new awesome website which is still under construction. We'll be updating this more than our Facebook so check back often. Hopefully next time you visit it'll have a little more going on.

So last Saturday Gabe and I got together to lay down drums on 4 "Grade School," "Once Again," "Hinton Ave," and a brand new untitled song. The drum sound is huge and clean and just...bomb. Gabe is becoming a hell of an engineer. We'll be working on it as preproduction for an LP or the next 7" or something. I'm not quite sure what this is yet. Who knows! These might actually be the final tracks for the next 7". Unfortunately we couldn't do more because we haven't fully sound proofed the room and the neighbors got cranky. Overall it was a rad day. Had all of the homies come through and hang out and even had Dylan shoot a few videos of me tracking "Grade School." Check out an outtake below. Got a little frustrated after a few takes...I might have some rage issues I need to deal with.

Oh that's just Gabe setting up the mics to get those bomb tones.

We'll let you know when these songs get finished and where and when you'll be able to listen to them.

Thanks for reading.